The Company

Tribeonomics specializes in meaningful and actionable online community persona analysis that will augment your company's online analysis to make better informed decisions regarding your brand.

Our deep analytics provide you with the insights to identify communication opportunities with the respondents engaging in discussion of your brand. What you'll find out about your current SMM analytic data results will change the way you choose to interact with your audience by allowing you to focus precious dollars on audiences that matter most.

Simply put, Tribeonomics' powerful persona analytics will provide you with a deeper understanding of your audience than you ever thought possible. Our powerful analytics tool will allow you to see linkages that you never knew existed and trends that would have otherwise remained buried in "the noise" of social media.

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Tribeonomics' toolset fills a gap in existing on-line data analysis tools by giving insight to community personae; the information found will provide marketing firms and brands with a deeper understanding of their target markets - allowing them to develop better informed strategies. By providing this data, clients will gain a better understanding of the audience and be able to invest their marketing budgets more efficiently.


Tribeonomics Inc. was founded in 2011 to provide a unique user experience for human-computer interaction. The company's two principals – John-Francis Doubt and Andrew le Blanc – collectively have more than 60 years of experience in various aspects of technology, including software development and implementation, digital imaging, computer/user interface, a deep analytical understanding of the Internet and the powerful opportunities that can be created by leveraging data from personal interactions.